Gig thoughts: Amanda Palmer – National Concert Hall, 28th May 2018


  • Support by Andrew O’Neill
  • In My Mind
  • Map of Tasmania
  • Astronaut
  • Ampersand
  • Missed Me
  • The Killing Type
  • A Mother’s Confession
  • Mandy Goes to Med School
  • Drowning in the Sound
  • Vegemite (The Black Death)
  • Coin-Operated Boy
  • The Bed Song
  • Poem recital by Neil Gaiman – The Mushroom Hunters
  • Brick (Ben Folds cover)
  • Death Thing
  • Half Jack/Zombie (The Cranberries) mashup
  • The Ride
  • Ukulele Anthem


This gig was the Monday after the Abortion Referendum. Lots of positive vibes about same.

When I saw Amanda in the lobby before the show, I was surprised at her height. She looks taller on the stage.

I had to get up to pee just after Death Thing and missed the start of the Half Jack/Zombie mashup.

I was sitting behind the guestlist row – Neil Gaiman and Maykay from Flapes were directly in front of me! I blurted out “Hi Maykay!” when I saw her. Thankfully I resisted reaching out to touch Neil’s hair, that would have been awkward.

I was working the following day – rushed to get the midnight Aircoach after the show in a panic. Tried to sleep on the bus but it was too warm. Everyone else was asleep though…very frustrating!

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