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Reviewing my red ale recipe

Observation I’ve done two batches of the red ale (which I wrote up one run-through of) and I’m pretty happy with the flavour, but one thing that has vexed me is the quantity. I ended up with about 17L of beer at the end of the last batch, where I was expecting something closer to 25L.  Hypothesis I think that if I play with the Brewer’s Friend website, I can increase the final yield without altering the flavour too much.  Method I entered the ingredients used in the last batch into Brewer’s Friend, as shown below. HOME BREW RECIPE:Title: Niall’s Take on Ruabeoir v1Author: Designing Great Beers Brew Method: ExtractStyle Name: Irish Red AleBoil Time: 60 minBatch Size: 21.25 liters (ending kettle volume)Boil Size: 25 litersBoil Gravity: 1.038Efficiency: 35% (steeping grains only) STATS:Original Gravity: 1.044Final Gravity: 1.013ABV (standard): 4.16%IBU (tinseth): 23.34SRM (daniels): 14.02 FERMENTABLES:3 kg – Liquid Malt Extract – Maris Otter (87.7%) STEEPING GRAINS:0.16 kg – American – Caramel / Crystal 40L (4.7%)0.16 kg – American – Caramel / Crystal 120L (4.7%)0.1 kg – German – De-Husked Caraf I (2.9%) HOPS:35 g – East Kent Goldings, Type: Leaf/Whole, AA: 5.5, Use: Boil for 60 min, IBU: 23.34 YEAST:White Labs – Irish Ale…
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