The Game Backlog

I have quite a large Steam game collection. 231 games. A ludicrous amount of games.

As well as the games I’ve anticipated and obsessed over, I have random one-offs that were on sale, games that were included in various bundles, and freebies. Some of the ones I got on sale have been played less than the ones I got for free. I’d go so far as to say that most of the games in my Steam library are unplayed (I then went and checked – not the majority, but a pretty hefty sum: 92 out of 231). This really only hit home recently, as I decided to reorganise the categories in the game library and found myself completely at a loss about certain games.

So, I have made a resolution – play them all. Rather than going for my usual standards (Dota 2, Binding of Isaac) and rather than buying anything that’s on my wishlist (Dishonored 2 is coming soon and looks great), I’m going to try out something from the backlog. I’m going to be unforgiving – there’s a lot of them and I know a lot of it is crap filler from bundles. So if an hour of play doesn’t grab me, I’ll scrap the game. I’ll try to follow along with my progress here and maybe do quick reviews as I go.

Wish me luck.

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