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Clearing the Backlog #2: Deponia Doomsday & Tower of Guns

Since the last entry on the backlog, I’ve sunk a few more hours into Sheltered. It grew on me after a while, with the slog of getting resources being quite gripping. I accidentally overcrowded my shelter and killed half the posse through suffocation though – didn’t realise the oxygen filtration system wouldn’t keep up! An enjoyable game, but think I’ve had my fill of it. Onto the next game… Deponia Doomsday Apparently this is part of a series. Humorous point and click adventure game. Except the humour is horrible. Really cringily bad. The pace of the game is ridiculously slow too – I gave it 29 minutes and couldn’t handle a minute more. Complete waste of time. The Humble Monthly Bundle is letting me down. Tower of Guns Okay, this is more like it – randomly-generated challenging FPS about navigating through a tower filled with robot guns. Very similar mindset to Binding of Isaac with randomised powerup drops throughout and very quick to pick up and play. Just the right amount of humour in the form of ridiculous “backstory” for your character each run – e.g. you’re the grocery delivery boy for an elderly lady who lives on the top…
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Clearing the Backlog #1: Action Henk, Train Valley & Sheltered

I settled in for a wet Friday evening at home alone and cleared a few games from the list…with mixed results. Some miscellaneous items were on the list that I had actually played, but missed with my inital categorisation – an easy few points gained! Action Henk This was surprisingly fun. I honestly thought it would be awful, going by first impressions from the store page. It’s a pleasantly challenging racing game involving a corpulent action figure who can slide on his bum. You see what I mean about the first impressions now, I hope. The online multiplayer didn’t work so well – I think it has a limited player base – but the single player mode was engaging enough that my 67 minutes in game went by without me noticing it. I didn’t finish the single-player mode, but enjoyed what I played of it. If you like games with a bit of challenge, this might be for you. I won’t be picking it up again in a hurry, but it might be worth trying for the local multiplayer at some point. Train Valley Conversely, I expected to enjoy this, as I usually enjoy management games, but it just didn’t…
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The Game Backlog

I have quite a large Steam game collection. 231 games. A ludicrous amount of games. As well as the games I’ve anticipated and obsessed over, I have random one-offs that were on sale, games that were included in various bundles, and freebies. Some of the ones I got on sale have been played less than the ones I got for free. I’d go so far as to say that most of the games in my Steam library are unplayed (I then went and checked – not the majority, but a pretty hefty sum: 92 out of 231). This really only hit home recently, as I decided to reorganise the categories in the game library and found myself completely at a loss about certain games. So, I have made a resolution – play them all. Rather than going for my usual standards (Dota 2, Binding of Isaac) and rather than buying anything that’s on my wishlist (Dishonored 2 is coming soon and looks great), I’m going to try out something from the backlog. I’m going to be unforgiving – there’s a lot of them and I know a lot of it is crap filler from bundles. So if an hour of…
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