Clearing the Backlog #2: Deponia Doomsday & Tower of Guns

Since the last entry on the backlog, I’ve sunk a few more hours into Sheltered. It grew on me after a while, with the slog of getting resources being quite gripping. I accidentally overcrowded my shelter and killed half the posse through suffocation though – didn’t realise the oxygen filtration system wouldn’t keep up! An enjoyable game, but think I’ve had my fill of it.


Onto the next game…

Deponia Doomsday

Apparently this is part of a series. Humorous point and click adventure game. Except the humour is horrible. Really cringily bad. The pace of the game is ridiculously slow too – I gave it 29 minutes and couldn’t handle a minute more. Complete waste of time. The Humble Monthly Bundle is letting me down.

Tower of Guns

Okay, this is more like it – randomly-generated challenging FPS about navigating through a tower filled with robot guns. Very similar mindset to Binding of Isaac with randomised powerup drops throughout and very quick to pick up and play. Just the right amount of humour in the form of ridiculous “backstory” for your character each run – e.g. you’re the grocery delivery boy for an elderly lady who lives on the top floor of the tower, but the neighbour owns all the murderous robots. Definitely a fun one to grab and play for a few minutes at a time. It really scratches the same itch as Binding of Isaac in terms of wanting to master the challenge. Will play again.


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